About us

We are an experienced financial partner for your business. As a team of banking professionals, we joined our strong financial knowledge and proven record of 20+ years of experience in Finance & Banking, to help our clients thrive. We offer integrated financial services for businesses, ranging from management, credits, sales, financial analysis, audit, compliance, KYC, product development and organization.

Meet the financial experts who will take care of your business.


  • Highly adaptable professional with strong technical knowledge and consistent record of more than 22 years experience in the financial & banking market.
  • Fully aware of business goals and always bringing charisma and personal skills to meet needs efficiently and effectively.
  • An apt professional who brings together the right technology & resources to meet company’s business goals with winning results, reducing expenses and providing maximum return on investments.
  • Always keeping a strong focus on managing the P&L account.
  • A real manager of managers offering a unique combination of thorough understanding of complex business modeling, Sales & Marketing savvy and strategic business acumen.
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  • Easy adaptable, hardworking and devoted, having strong banking knowledge and over 20 years of relevant experience
  • Deep insight in a wide variety of industries and highly developed skills in identifying optimal funding solutions for complex business models
  • Comprehensive communication skills used in the best interest of the client
  • Firm believer of leading by personal example, focused on results and client-oriented
  • Honest, open minded and with high respect for work
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Our approach

We aim to redefine the standards of financial consulting and are a one stop shop for financial advice and procedures. Every time we meet with a new client, we find the best solution for each problem, we build strong partnerships and then we apply a 360⁰ strategy. Our expertise ranges, but is not limited to:

Financing solutions
Account management
UBO & compliance
Legal advice